Like Chippy, whenever I see the Back to School stuff in Target, or Ralph’s, I get this horrible feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. The stuff seemed to show up early this year. It showed up in mid-July this year. That doesn’t seem fair. Can you imagine, being a kid, and walking through Target with your Mom and suddenly you see four aisles packed with school supplies, banners triumphantly trumpeting BACK TO SCHOOL!
It seems like summer is over early, even though school doesn’t start until September, the second the idea of school enters their heads, summer is effectively over.
Actually, other than the school induced PTSD, I really dig fall. Fall is beautiful for all the reasons Loopus is talking about.
Well, I also dated my wife in fall. I met her mid-summer, but dated her, really courted her in fall.

Summer is great…but I’ll always love Fall.
Have a Week!