Lets get right to the point: I discovered that it was NOT KC Green, creator of GunShow who led the comment from Rack Jeacher on December 30th, but instead was one of his fans. I made a leap I shouldn’t have, and then said some hateful, petty things about KC Green and his comic. I called him a child, said he had a lazy mind, called his talent into question, etc.

All of this is uncalled for, and wrong. I apologize to KC for saying these things. It was wrong for me to jump to conclusions, and mean and petty for me to say horrible things about him and his work. I truly am sorry, KC.

I make this apology not because his idiot fans and their ludicrous comments, but because it is right to apologize for a wrong doing, and I have done wrong to KC.
Do I apologize for calling him out on not being able to discuss a movie without resorting to cutesy comments? No. Why?

My reason still stands. If he didn’t want to discuss it, he should have ignored me. Was I aggressive  in my approach. Yes, and for that I don’t apologize.

If you make a statement I do not agree with and word it in a way I find silly, then I might just tell you so with the way I word my inquiry.

To all you KC acolytes commenting, I’m going to answer some of you in the comments section. Most of you are cowardly keyboard cowboys. What’s the matter fellas, afraid to put your name on a statement? Afraid to leave a REAL email address?

That makes you a coward, and your comments will be given the consideration they deserve.

Thanks for your patience, readers. I’ll try not to be such a hot head in the future.

KC Green, you take it easy, sir, and please accept this sincerest apology in the spirit it is given. Enjoy your success, but keep an eye on those fans of yours.

Those types may eventually turn on you. Watch out.