Hey all. It’s been a while since I’ve written. I promise to do more of this in the future. It’s good for me, I’m sure. Writing is always a good thing to do, especially if it’s done well. I’ll try to do it well, for you folks.

So…I began the New Year by getting into a Twitter fight with Webcomics Superstar; KC Green, creator of the wildly popular Gunshow. No, I will not provide him with a link, he doesn’t need the traffic, and I’m going to try not to give him any.

Here is what happened: after many, MANY recommendations, I finally watched the Tom Cruise movie, Jack Reacher.  If you enjoy action movies, or have read any of Lee Child’s excellent Jack Reacher novels, do yourself a favor and go watch it. It’s on Netflix Instant. If you have a membership it is yours right now!

Anyway, it’s a solid action movie. Great story, fun tough-guy dialogue, and incredibly clear action scenes. Like I said, I enjoyed it. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a GOOD movie.

So, I pop into Twitter for a bit yesterday, and saw that KC Green and another of his compatriots didn’t like it so much. That’s cool. I can handle a different opinion. What I take issue with is that all KC had to say, was this : that movie is a big ass piece of shit (sic).

I decided to engage him thusly: why is that movie as you so articulately put it, a “big ass piece of shit”?

Now I have since been told that this is a pretty aggressive way to engage in a conversation that I wasn’t really a part of. Firstly: yeah, maybe. Secondly: It’s TWITTER. It’s not a private conversation. This is the nature of Twitter, it’s a free for all. People joining in uninvited to a conversation is part of what makes Twitter cool.


KC responds: poor writing and an NRA jerk off fantasy, more so than other schlock action movies.

Heh. NRA jerkoff fantasy? A movie in which the hero walks around UNARMED for two thirds of the movie is an NRA jerk off fantasy? Perhaps he’s referring to Robert Duvall’s rather gun-friendly character. Okay. I asked him to elaborate. Why was the movie poorly written, I asked. He responded with a cutesy scene he made up. Twice. Okay. When someone does something like that, it tells me that either they can’t articulate why they didn’t like something, or that they didn’t really see the movie, and that they are reviewing it from the  trailer. If he didn’t like it great. I’m okay with people not liking things I like. Happens all the time.

There are several movies my wife hates that I love, and vice versa.

This isn’t the point.

It’s the cutesy bullshit answer. I hate that.

So I told him he obviously wasn’t able to discuss the movie like an adult, and to go get a juice box.

He told me to get fucked, then blocked me. Classy move!

THEN…he left a comment on the December 30th strip entitled “Resolutions for Dummies”.  You can go read the comment for yourself.

Cowardly move, and a bit infuriating, but truthfully, very revealing. It reveals a lazy mind, and a smug, pompous attitude.

Of course, Mr. Green’s comic is wildly popular, more so than my humble little feature here. He has 20,000 followers on Twitter to my paltry 3,000.

It’s tempting to attack him for his lack of drawing ability, but what’s the point. That is self evident.
I think the thing that gets me the most is the attitude.
That smug, “I know art and art is important, everything sucks” attitude has begun to really wear on me. What worries me is that sometimes, I do that. I hate on things just to be funny.  I do my best to justify my positions, but sometimes, …I just hate. That’s not cool.

I think the other thing is the idea the fact that it appears that he believes his popularity gives him license to act however he wants, and to be as big of a jerk as he wants to be. Why do I say that? Well, because he could have just ignored me. He didn’t. He chose to engage just to be an asshole, because he can.
His little comment reveals a lot. It reveals that he truly has the mind of a child. A petty, immature child.
Of course, I should have known that from his brilliant assessment of the movie. “A big ass piece of shit?”  He’s not exactly Leonard Maltin, or even Harry Knowles for that matter. So it made me think.
I engaged. Me. This is my fault for thinking a child like KC Green would have the intellectual capacity and the maturity to seriously discuss anything.

Well. I won’t do that again. Until I do.
Truthfully, to quote the Tick “I haven’t learned a thing”.
There is a lesson in here somewhere. I’ll find it eventually.
Thanks for reading! You all go and have a Happy New Year!